Responsible nitrogen use

Nitrogen may be a tasteless, odourless and colourless gas – but as 78 per cent of the earth's atmosphere, it's mostly what we inhale with every breath... read more

Digestion before growth

Carbon Positive Farming  with Peter Burton  Functional Fertiliser Ltd Another two large dairy enterprises in North Otago are listed as mortgagee... read more

Fine-tuning for the future

I find myself repeating the same sentiment from my editorials of the last few months: it's been a tough season. For avocado growers, the struggle to make... read more

Know your boundaries...

Your land surveyed  with Brent Trail  Surveying Services Ltd Before you contemplate adjusting the boundary with your neighbour it would pay... read more

Magnesium and hypertension

The Women's Health Study is one of the most influential medical studies. This followed nearly 30,000 Female Health professionals who are over 45. It is... read more


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