Can I subdivide my farm?

Your land surveyed  with Brent Trail  Surveying Services Ltd  Subdivision in New Zealand is governed by the Resource Management Act and... read more

Biochar and rock powder

Rock powder and biochar are two of the most powerful tools for reversing climate change, especially when used together. This article is partly based on... read more

A revolution is underway

Carbon Positive Farming  with Peter Burton  Functional Fertiliser Ltd  It may take a year or two for the changes to become apparent, however... read more

Where has my brain gone?

Finance  with Don Fraser  Fraser Farm Finance Ruminations of an old fart! It is clear that as we age our brain power seems to wane, and no more... read more

Investing for the future

Despite the current challenges for avocado growers with shipping disruptions due to Covid-19, Avoco is continually investing in people and its onshore... read more


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