Magnesium and hypertension

The Women’s Health Study is one of the most influential medical studies.

This followed nearly 30,000 Female Health professionals who are over 45.

It is still going now after 30 years. One of the many observations was the relationship between Magnesium and Hypertension (high blood pressure).

The study showed that Magnesium intake was inversely related to hypertension; that those with low Magnesium had much higher chances of developing hypertension.

Indeed, it seems as if Magnesium can help many conditions including cramp, heart rhythm, mood, sleeping any many more.

This should not surprise because of the special role of Magnesium in governing muscles and nerves.

Calcium is the mineral that causes muscles to work and nerves to carry impulses.

Magnesium helps return muscles and nerves to a resting state.

How does Magnesium help hypertension? Our blood vessels have a special type of muscle called smooth muscle.

Just as Magnesium deficiency can cause cramp or tightness in our skeletal muscles, so low Magnesium causes smooth muscle to lose its natural suppleness.

This can impede blood flow and forces the heart to pump harder to circulate blood.

The main mechanism is that Magnesium is a powerful calcium channel blocker (many hypertension medications are calcium channel blockers). T

his allows the smooth muscle in blood vessels to relax thus allowing for enhanced blood flow.

The challenge is to get the right forms of Magnesium in the right doses.

My preference is to use three different forms of Magnesium: Natural marine Magnesium from sea water, well proven Magnesium Citrate and probably the most effective, Magnesium glycinate. We then need to get the right doses.

This is where 1-a-day supplements can be difficult as you cannot modify the dose.

My Magnesium has a dosage range of 1-4 capsules so can be customised to a person’s needs.

John Arts (Adv.Dip.Nut.Med) is a nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. For questions or advice contact John on 0800 423559 or email  Join his newsletter at


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