Amazing Rural Women

Children with lambs and calves have been busy strutting their stuff at recent school Ag Days. Rural Women New Zealand has also been actively thanking... Read More

Farmers lead the wild rebellion

A group of Coromandel farmers is leading the charge against wild pines in otherwise pristinge places. More than 34,000 wilding pines have been removed... Read More

Keeping it in the family

Innesbrooke Farm, Paterangi, is part of the well-known Greenhill Farm that dominated the Te Awamutu area throughout the late 1800s into the early 1900s. Katherine... Read More

New fertiliser technology

Quinfert CEO and scientist Dr Bert Quin has developed new fertiliser technology which is he says will permanently and greatly reduce the environmentally... Read More

Welcoming new AGRC members

Two long standing growers are stepping up to join the Avoco Grower Relationship Committee (AGRC). New members Ross Woods and John Cotterell attended... Read More

Forgotten no longer

The ‘Forgotten World Highway’, SH43 between Taumarunui and Stratford, is now on everyone’s radar.   Twelve kilometres of the... Read More

Crop yields

Are we getting the yields we think we should and can we actually determine possible yields using the Reams soil test- it certainly appears so. Grant... Read More

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