How can busy lifestyles manage chooks?

Do you have a lifestyle block or a good sized section and have always wanted to keep chooks but feel that it would be too much work to look after them and a hassle when you go away?

Grandpas product range can help. There is the tried and proven Grandpas feeder which will give your chooks on-demand food that stays dry, clean and is not accessible to wild birds and rodents, says Alla Kirkham of Grandpas Feeders.

“With this feeder there is no wasted feed as the chooks cannot flick or scratch the food out onto the ground thanks to the special anti-flick grill.

“The feeder has an opening weight that allows the chooks to open it but it is too heavy for rats and wild birds to activate. The feeder is weather-proof, so can be left anywhere that is convenient for the chooks.”

The feeder can be topped up at any stage from the hopper and the old feed comes through to the trough surface first, so no stale food.

“Grandpas now have drinker cups for your chooks which will provide a good source of clean water without any hassle. The two-cup unit simply attaches to any water container with a standard size bung and the cups fill as the chooks drink from it by a small valve that gets pressed by their beak as they drink. There is no dirty water, no spillage and it is perfectly safe to use with little chicks as there is not enough exposed water for them to drown in.

With a good source of high protein food, a clean supply of water and if you are able to free range for part of, or all day, you will have happy healthy chooks that will treat you with a good supply of delicious tasty eggs. All you have to do is collect them,” says Alla.


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