Unlocking new homeownership opportunities

A four-bedroom modular home. Supplied photo.

In today’s market, owning a home feels increasingly elusive for many Kiwis.

Addressing this, Advantage Designer Homes and Westpac are joining forces to innovate the path to homeownership, particularly in the growing sector of transportable homes across New Zealand.

This collaboration combines ADH’s expertise in crafting flexible, affordable, and eco-friendly transportable homes with Westpac's comprehensive financial services, offering a streamlined route to owning a home, says a spokesperson for ADH.

“This partnership is about more than just housing; it's reimagining homeownership in our ever-changing landscape.

“ADH’s transportable homes bring to the table unmatched versatility and sustainability, aligning with the needs of today’s homeowners. However, the standout achievement has been collaborating with Westpac to tailor financing solutions that cater specifically to transportable homes.

“Conventional lending models fall short in accommodating the unique aspects of these homes, prompting a need for innovative financing approaches.

“Through Westpac’s commitment to flexibility and innovation, prospective homeowners now have access to customised loan products, making the dream of owning a transportable home more attainable.

“This initiative not only simplifies the financing journey but also supports broader sustainability and community development objectives.

“As ADH leads the way in transportable home construction, its partnership with Westpac underscores a shared vision of making homeownership accessible and sustainable.”


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