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I speak daily to people affected by inflammation. This commonly affects joints but can affect most types of body tissue. While we can feel the discomfort of joint inflammation, we cannot feel inflammation of blood vessels until disease symptoms appear.

Our immune system responds to injury and sickness by generating inflammation. This is an essential part of our in-built repair and recovery systems. While we cannot heal without inflammation, unwanted inflammation can not only slow healing but create new problems. The long list of problems with the suffix ‘itis’ are all inflammatory diseases.

One of the reasons we are told to eat lots of deep-coloured plants is the anti-inflammatory antioxidants are locked into their bright colours. It is the yellow in turmeric that contains Curcumin. It is the purple colour on grape seeds that contain the potent oligomeric proanthocyanidins, known as OPCs.

While osteoarthritis is the most common joint problem, others such as tendonitis, bursitis and rheumatoid arthritis affect many people. The centre of any nutritional medicine programme is an anti-inflammatory diet. Adding well-formulated supplements with high grade ingredients can add healing compounds at levels much higher than through diet alone. Two of the most potent are Curcumin from turmeric and OPCs from grape seeds.

For example, adding 1000mg of 95 per cent Curcumin is equivalent to several tablespoons of turmeric. You’d also need to eat tablespoons of red wine grape seeds to get 100mg of pure OPC.

I speak to clients on daily basis that are more mobile and more comfortable by adding potent natural anti-inflammatory compounds. One with rheumatoid arthritis is much more comfortable by adding 1000mg of Curcumin and 200mg of OPC daily. I’ve written a comprehensive Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Guide. Please contact me if you would like an email copy.

John Arts (B.Soc.Sci, Dip Tch, Adv.Dip.Nut.Med) is a nutritional medicine practitioner and founder of Abundant Health Ltd. For questions or advice, contact John on 0800 423559 or email: Join his all new newsletter at:



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