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Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite

Kiwi Fertiliser follows the principles of the Albrecht soil fertility system, as taught by Neal Kinsey. Soil samples are sent to Perry Agricultural Laboratory, Missouri. PAL receives samples from 75 countries. In most of these countries there are fully trained consultants who meet regularly for discussions, plus attend training courses etc. There are a few NZ companies that claim to follow the Albrecht system. If they do not send soil samples to PAL, they will not arrive at the same answers that Dr Albrecht would have. We know of no Lab in NZ that claims to emulate the results from PAL. Below are just some of the results we know about.

The best quality wine grapes and wines in France, Germany and USA are produced on this programme, with some wineries able to charge up to $2000 per bottle. More than 40 per cent of the wine grapes grown in Marlborough are on this programme, with 20-year veteran Steve McKenzie of Wairau Valley, who supply’s a co-op that purchases wine grapes for wineries, being the number one quality supplier to the co-op year on year.


Australia’s most noted Hereford finisher Paul Mason buys up to 650 steers. Prior to changing to the Albrecht soil fertility system, his results were 350kg carcasses in 15 months at a 54 per cent yield. After changing, the results were 370kg carcasses in 12 months at a 57 per cent yield, and still improving. Besides the shorter fattening period, the extra return on those cattle at $3.80/kg is $76. With 650 cattle, that is an extra $49,400. Paul commands a higher price for his quality cattle. In addition, he grazes 1000 wethers for 24 weeks. That’s another $24,000.

Ratto Bros in California, which produce organic vegetables on 1200ha for top-end supermarkets, tried many other fertility programmes including using compost. Their soils deteriorated, so they changed to the Albrecht-Kinsey soils programme. Their produce dramatically improved and is now sought out by consumers. Bill Brush of California grows walnuts and almonds and receives additional bonus payments for producing the best quality. His almonds produce three times the Californian average yield. Uncle Matt’s Organic 600ha of citrus groves in Florida are on the programme. Some reviewers claim the juice is the best in the world.

Seven dairy farms that supply Miraka Dairy Factory are on our programme. Miraka has 110 suppliers. And 35 per cent of the 20 places – 10 for Somatic Cell Count and 10 for Milk Quality Score – are taken by Kiwi Fertiliser suppliers and we service only six per cent of the suppliers.

On the programme

Sheep and beef farmers of the year are on this programme and since changing had the best lambing percentage they ever recorded. Kiwifruit producers receive premiums for early start, taste and size while producing above average yields every year. Avocado growers out-produce conventional with less biennial bearing. The best quality and quantity bananas in Ecuador and South Africa; top thoroughbred race horse stud in South Africa; three of the top thoroughbred studs in NZ; the best producing dairy goat farms; the best quality Lucerne; and the best kumaras are on this programme. Even when they are 3kg, they are just so creamy and tasty; and an award-winning citrus orchard is on this programme too.


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