What causes osteoarthritis – Part 2

Abundant living with John Arts Abundant Health Last edition we discussed how osteoarthritis – also known as OA – is mostly caused by the loss of cartilage-secreting cells called chondrocytes. Their job is to maintain...... Read More

Some decent fishing trips amongst the windy weather

Tane Braithwaite Blue Ocean Fishing Charters  Once again we’ve been sneaking trips in between the windy patches. Ratahi, with skipper Andy, has been fishing inshore between two and five miles out. The cooler conditions...... Read More

Govt fails to stand up for provincial NZ?

Todd Talks with Todd Muller National MP  The Labour/Greens/NZ First Government is raiding the regions to pay for pet projects in Auckland. First came the announcement – out of the blue – that the Government...... Read More

The importance of drenching against Cooperia

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets   Cooperia is the small intestinal worm regarded as being the most prevalent roundworm in New Zealand cattle. They are reddish in colour and quite small growing up to 10mm...... Read More

Fewer cows with sore feet

with Sue Edmonds   How often does the small paddock next to the farm dairy contain cows with sore feet?  Probably too often. Lameness is sometimes the bane of a farmer’s life. So, when I attended a recent SMASH seminar...... Read More

Explaining the Albrecht System of Soil Fertility

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite  This article is adapted from an article by Don Hart of Top Soils, Canterbury. The ‘Albrecht System of Soil Fertility’ refers to the principles...... Read More

Is science killing pastoral farming?

Soil matters with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd One well-known farm consultant derides any alternative to the superphosphate, muriate of potash, and urea-driven soil fertility system as “flying in the face of 60...... Read More

Don’t just be a meat producer – be a supplier too

Outlook with Bill Webb Bill Webb Feed Solutions   The army caterpillar has been putting pressure on new grasses and crops. We’ve had to spray all of our lease land because of the high concentration of them. And I...... Read More

Understanding osteoarthritis

Abundant living with John Arts Abundant Health   My recent seminars included detailed discussion on osteoarthritis – also known as OA – and the many things we can do to help. My introductory point was that it...... Read More

An ambition for zero carbon

with Sue Edmonds Zero carbon – can it be that Central Government will at last take a leading role on climate change? I read Simon Upton’s sensible and measured report on what needs to be considered in setting up our own Climate Commission...... Read More

Magnesium – the big loser

Better soilswith Brett PetersenKiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite Lack of magnesium in NZ soils has caused losses of millions of dollars every year. Little research is being done to solve the problem. Under the heading of ‘Magnesium deficiency’,...... Read More

The CPTPP and the new world trade order

Hort Talkwith Mike ChapmanHorticultureNZ CEO Before the United States withdrew from this trade agreement it was called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement and involved 12 countries, including the United States, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile,...... Read More

What will it take to change course?

Soil matterswith Peter BurtonFunctional Fertiliser Ltd That New Zealand will shift from its present short-term focussed, carbon-depleting mainstream soil fertility model to a genuine sustainable carbon positive one, is a given. It will happen,...... Read More

Anxiety, overload and mental issues for farmers

Financewith Don FraserFraser Farm Finance I make no apology for going back over this yet again, but the issues are huge. To be frank the statistics of suicide in farming are appalling, and many farmers are really struggling with themselves and...... Read More

Pursuing a career in the dairy industry

Dairy lifewith Donna McKinley My name is Donna McKinley, I’m 22-year-old keen farmer from the mighty Waikato. I’m delighted to have been offered the opportunity to write a monthly column on all things dairy, seasonal and industry challenges,...... Read More

The power of curcumin

Abundant livingwith John ArtsAbundant Health Last edition we looked at research into the healing power of turmeric. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, which is the actual brilliant yellow pigment in turmeric. I find it fascinating that...... Read More

A stressful, difficult but ultimately rewarding season

Outlookwith Bill WebbBill Webb Feed Solutions The weather pattern this season has been all over the place. Spring began with very wet ground conditions from winter rains so it took us along time to get onto paddocks being so wet. Some paddocks...... Read More

Keeping out stink bugs

Outlookwith Bill WebbBill Webb Feed Solutions Two ships carrying hundreds of unwanted and dangerous hitchhikers have been refused entry to New Zealand ports and that’s great news. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug were found on the large cargo...... Read More

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