Optimise growth with balanced nutrients

Tony’s Take on avos with Tony Bradley Aongatete Avocados Ltd  It’s warm, muggy and great growing conditions. In fact, I’d suggest we are seeing such good growth you can almost hear them growing! On that...... Read More

Just tell the truth

Finance with Don Fraser Fraser Farm Finance  After I chose this topic, I noticed many people insinuating they were telling the truth, or stood by what they perceived as the truth, but not so. Donald Trump is starting his...... Read More

Time is of the essence

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets  Pink eye is a nasty disease that usually occurs in the summer and autumn seasons causing sore inflamed eyes. Pink eye is caused by highly contagious bacteria. In the case...... Read More

Drench resistance and soil fertility

Fert Options with Robin Boom Agronomic Advisory Services Drench resistance is becoming a more widespread issue on many sheep and beef properties in particular, but it also occurs on dairy farms among calves and yearlings. Older...... Read More

Land plan for lifestyle blockers

Rural Women New Zealand Alex Eagles-Tully  Water is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment with reports and opinions on the Three Waters reform flooding the media. However, the concept that we need to safeguard our...... Read More

Why the cart is before the horse

Carbon Positive Farming with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd The parallel between the farming situation now and the late 1970’s is eerily similar and comes with a cautionary message.  Meat, milk and wool prices...... Read More

The fruitful education

Horticulture is an industry where demand for skilled employees is expected to grow during New Zealand’s recovery from the impacts of Covid-19. This will mean more businesses requiring more people in management and technical roles to lead their teams. Fruition...... Read More

Challenging the old thinking

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming It’s hard to change the habits of a lifetime – or an understanding of what is possible - when your education is based on accepted, but limiting, chemical science. So,...... Read More

Waikato subdivision rules delayed again

Your land surveyed with Brent Trail Surveying Services Ltd  The long-awaited changes to the Waikato District Plan Subdivision Rules that aim to create a level playing field for the entire District, including the ex-Franklin...... Read More

Silicon, the missing link?

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite  Silicon is a much-underrated nutrient ignored by mainstream agriculture to our detriment. Si is not usually measured in soils, but if it is, mostly...... Read More

Getting the fruit to market

Tony’s Take on avos with Tony Bradley Aongatete Avocados Ltd  Last month I wrote an article that included forecasting the weather pattern of a cold spring. I was concerned that I was playing a game with the gods in...... Read More

The importance of observation when soil sampling

Fert Options with Robin Boom Agronomic Advisory Services I enjoy walking around farms observing the pasture make up and vigour, and discussing my observations with farmers as I take soil samples. Earlier today I took some samples...... Read More

Fertiliser and the future

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming  If you’ve been shocked by your fertiliser bill in the last six months, you’re not alone. Since the advent of Covid-19, and the resulting supply chain disruptions,...... Read More

Not feeling your best? (Part 1)

Abundant living with John Arts Abundant Health  One of the most rewarding things I do is to hear stories from clients.   This week I spoke to an older client who was healthy but had low energy and felt flat despite...... Read More

Wet spring is warming up

Outlook with Bill Webb Bill Webb Feed Solutions The grass is certainly growing now thanks to generous and frequent rainfall. From July 1 – October 18 we have had 372mm of rain, compared with 284mm for the same period last...... Read More

Offering an external ear

The business environment over the past 18 months has been impacted by the uncertainties of Covid-19 and the government’s public health response to it. While there is this level of uncertainty, one thing we are certain of, is that food production...... Read More

The critter with extra kick for cattle

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets  Theileriosis continues to be a significant issue on farms heading into another blood-sucking summer in the upper North Island. The disease is caused by the parasite Theileria...... Read More

Is New Zealand going to ‘hell in a handcart’?

Finance with Don Fraser Fraser Farm Finance  Ruminations of an ‘old Fart’. Mr Google defines ‘Hell in a handcart’ as “to be in an extremely and increasingly bad or ruinous condition; to be...... Read More

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