Slowdown in NZ economy looming

Todd Talks with Todd Muller National MP Fewer jobs and opportunities are on the horizon for hardworking Kiwi families as New Zealand faces a looming slowdown in the economy. The simple fact is this. Labour inherited...... Read More

Copper testing of livestock

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets With the end of the ‘zinc season’ close at hand, it is important to check your herd’s copper reserves. Zinc competes with copper for absorption at the gut level,...... Read More

Subdivision still possible in rural Waikato

Your land surveyed with Brent Trail Surveying Services Ltd Since advertising their proposed District Plan in mid-2018, Waikato District Council is still working through the many submissions received. So, it’s business as...... Read More

Free frozen phosphate reserves – part 1

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite Often when we soil test, we find two or three times the phosphate required for good plant growth. Within six weeks of application, about 75 per cent of applied...... Read More

Avocado autumn action plan

Avocado Advice with Erica Faber Just Avocados Looking ahead in the avocado calendar, there is flower induction, flower initiation and bud development. Starch accumulation is also occurring, preparing the tree for the upcoming...... Read More

Reforming vocational education in NZ

Hort Talk with Mike Chapman HorticultureNZ CEO Consultation concluded recently on the Government’s proposed Reform of Vocational Education. It was launched as polytechnics across New Zealand were struggling to remain financially...... Read More

The secret of truly successful farmers

Soil matters with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd The last two springs have been excessively wet in most regions, resulting in slower overall growth in part due to treading damage. In prolonged periods of wet weather...... Read More

Try being nice to people

Finance with Don Fraser Fraser Farm Finance In this fast-paced life of endless issues and constant pressure, it seems many people resort to being sour and grumpy. It seems like an infection. Many of us get pushed around in our...... Read More

Proactive versus reactive farming

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming I read an article before Christmas which asked: ‘Why are farmers so despondent?’ Although, by all accounts the season was looking great, I felt this was a very one-dimensional...... Read More

Consistent fishing with good hauls

Raewyn Ensor Blue Ocean Fishing Charters There’s been a bit of a glitch in the weather recently, resulting in the cancellation of a few trips – but prior to that, we would have to say it has been the best summer...... Read More

Now is a good time to tackle maintenance

Outlook with Bill Webb Bill Webb Feed Solutions We have had a bit of rain since the last edition of Coast & Country News, so things are greening up and farmers can look forward positively. Next season’s milk payout is...... Read More

Extraordinary results from lime trail

Fert Options with Robin Boom Agronomic Advisory Services For the past four years I have been conducting a lime trial on Piquet Hill farm at Te Akau. The trial was initially set up as a Beef + Lamb New Zealand, Farmer Initiated...... Read More

Helping arthritic joints – Part 2

Abundant living with John Arts Abundant Health Many who contact me with joint problems have already tried joint health supplements with little or no success. We make what appear to be minor changes in dosages and within a few...... Read More

Preventing ryegrass and paspalum staggers

Vet's vision with Phil Rennie Tauranga Vets Both rye grass and paspalum plants can cause similar neurological conditions – commonly referred to as staggers. As opposed to ‘grass staggers’ which relates...... Read More

Balancing nutrition

Better soils with Brett Petersen Kiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite Ray Shearer, who farms at Kihikihi, had been looking for a better way for 60 years and has been using the Kiwi Fertiliser for 10 years. Ray produces bales...... Read More

Our communities and Budget 2019

Hort Talk with Mike Chapman HorticultureNZ CEO Last century, the Government’s budget reading was listened to avidly by most of New Zealand on the radio. In recent years, the budget has become something of little significance...... Read More

Exceptional growth after summer dry

Soil matters with Peter Burton Functional Fertiliser Ltd In nature, there’s always a trade. When summer pasture growth has been limited by lack of moisture, after rain arrives compensatory growth can be expected. During...... Read More

The importance of feeding maize silage strategically

Beneath the surface with David Law Forward Farming Maize silage is not just a filler you throw to cows willy-nilly when feed gets low – it is a valuable, quality feed that when fed correctly can make a big difference to...... Read More

It’s getting dry out there…

Outlook with Bill Webb Bill Webb Feed Solutions We certainly haven’t had much rain – this year or in the last month or two. In January we had 14mm, February brought 25mm and for March, as at the 20th we’d had...... Read More

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