A cheap, eco-friendly effluent system

An example of the dairy effluent system.

Clean Green Effluent Company has developed an eco-friendly and affordable dairy effluent system that requires minimal storage.

The system utilises a low-rate, low-depth application method that can handle 300 cows with just 60,000 litres.

Conventional systems would need 3.5 to 4 million litres of storage.

“Our application is only 0.75 of a millimetre. It means we can apply it on days that you could normally not apply effluent,” says founder Lindsay Lewis.

“We can apply 360 odd days of the year, so we only need a story for those rain event days.”

“You’re only pumping out 25 litres per cow for the whole season, where most systems are pumping out somewhere around between 50 to 70 litres a cow for wash down and what you use in the shed, plus they might be pumping out another two to three million litres of rainwater.

A common misconception is that you need storage and you don’t, you need to reduce your application rate to a level that any soil can cope with, says Lindsay.

The standard system requires between four and 12 hectares per 100 cows. “We only need two hectares per 100 cows so the distribution area is minimal.

“The system is environmentally friendly as there are no emissions, no nitrate leaching, 100 per cent fertiliser utilisation, and it goes aerobic, making it plant-acceptable.”


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