Precision thistle control

Redback Global Weedwiper In Action

New Zealand's stunning landscapes are renowned for their beauty and biodiversity. However, the regular invasion of thistles is a constant threat to pasture productivity, maintaining healthy stock, and preserving the environment.

Weedwipers are a valuable tool in modern agriculture, offering a sustainable and precise approach to weed control, says a spokesperson from Redback Weedwiper.

“Delivering the herbicide directly to the weed, they minimise the amount needed, reduce the contamination of nearby water sources and decrease the risk of herbicide resistance.

“But while weedwipers are highly effective, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when tackling your thistles.”


Target thistles when they are most vulnerable. Consider growth stages and seasonal conditions.

In New Zealand, weedwiper season is traditionally Oct – Jan each year.

Herbicide Selection: Choosing the right herbicide and concentration is critical for success. “Chat to your local herbicide specialist to find out what product is best for your application.”


Take the time to research weedwiper design and choose a product that can produce high kill rates.

“For example, Redback Weedwipers have a double steel braced wick wiping system producing better results than other similar designs.

“They also have the thickest wicks on the market to maximise chemical retention and protect pastures.

“The thistle problem in NZ poses a significant on-going challenge for farmers.

“Without regular targeted action, they will continue to disrupt crop yields, reduce the quality of agricultural produce, and increase the cost of production.”

See Redback Weedwiper’s advert on this page for more information.


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