Revolutionary multi-use roller

A Dalbo Maxiroll in action.

Traditionally rollers have been used for flattening uneven ground, more specifically for pre and post drilling consolidation to ensure good seed-to-soil contact and reduced moisture loss.

But this is all changing thanks to a revolutionary multi-use roller available from Giltrap AgriZone.

The Maxiroll, designed and manufactured by Danish company Dalbo, is a conventional roller which is easily adapted for seedbed preparation and ground levelling with the addition of a hydraulically adjustable cracker board.

The cracker board, with parallelogram
eliminates lumping of soil and the system’s hydraulic weight distribution ensures 100 per
cent even compaction of soil.

Available in working widths which vary from 4.5 to 9.5 metres, Giltrap AgriZone say demand from New Zealand farmers and contractors tends to focus on the 530 and 630 models. 

The Dalbo Maxiroll is a three-point system roller constructed around a heavy duty 150mm by 100mm steel frame carried on 400-60R 15.5 tyre equipment.

Each roller gang is suspended under the frame by the patented DuoFlex system which ensures the independence of each roller section through slots in the hydraulic cylinder attachment points delivering optimal contact across the full working width.

Working in conjunction with heavy-duty spring assemblies, the Maxiroll’s hydraulic cylinders create downward pressure transferring at least 500kg per metre without impending the ability of the rollers to closely follow a variety of contours.

Most popular is a 5.3m or 6.3m Roller with unique DuoFlex system and an air seeder.

With the option of mounting up to 10 different attachments, the Maxiroll system roller is able to perform a wide range of tasks from stubble cultivation after harvest to weed control in false seedbeds.

For more information on one of the most versatile, cost effective rollers on the market today, see Giltrap AgriZone’s advert on this page.


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