Treatment of Hypomagnesaemia

Vet's visionwith Phil RennieTauranga Vets New Zealand’s fast-growing spring pastures are traditionally low in magnesium and it is this lack of magnesium that can enhance the disease hypomagnesaemia, also known as grass staggers. This can...... Read More

Should it be landlord or farming focus?

Your land surveyedwith Brent TrailSurveying Services Ltd It’s not uncommon that when you buy the neighbouring block you will end up with an additional house. More and more farmers are finding this to be a liability rather than an asset. Managing...... Read More

Decrease carbon in atmosphere by increasing carbon in soil

Better soilswith Brett PetersenKiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite This article continues information on how to cut carbon dioxide emissions by adopting simple strategies. Pasture can sequester more than enough carbon to reverse the situation...... Read More

Why cost isn’t the most important factor

Soil matterswith Peter BurtonFunctional Fertiliser Ltd The old saying that ‘cost is soon forgotten with only performance remembered’ has endured for generations because it contains a large element of truth, and it applies to fertiliser...... Read More

Tax won’t fix water quality problems

Beneath the surfacewith David LawForward Farming Tax on water? That proposal has got to be the scariest thing any farmer has heard in a long while. There has been a lot of discussion about these three words during recent weeks, including ownership...... Read More

Prepare now for summer crops

Outlookwith Bill WebbBill Webb Feed Solutions The days are getting longer and soil temperatures are gradually rising – all of which means it’s time for sowing summer crops. By now most farmers will have selected which paddocks to use...... Read More

Water tax is an issue for us all

Hort Talkwith Mike ChapmanHorticultureNZ CEO You can’t grow anything without water. Water in the right quantities, at the right time, is vital to grow premium quality fresh fruit and vegetables. Water is also needed to ensure productivity...... Read More

Untapped potential of Chilean industry

Fert Optionswith Robin BoomAgronomic Advisory Services Earlier this year I was invited by a Chilean-based fertiliser company called Bayovar Fosfato to present a series of talks to farmer groups, consultants, vets and agronomists there on the benefits...... Read More

Apprenticeships – earn while you learn

Apprenticeships make up an important element in New Zealand’s educational framework and help us produce a skilled workforce to meet the ever-increasing needs of our rapidly growing country. We are currently in the middle of the biggest building...... Read More

Is everything broken?

Many of the messages received from overseas emphasise the desire for the food chain to be cleaned up. Urban populations are struggling to find healthy and wholesome food. In the northern hemisphere, threats to individuals and collective health include...... Read More

Experts to look at promising year ahead

The horticulture industry will hear about the opportunities, challenges, innovation and export growth in the year ahead at its conference in Tauranga next month. American food and agribusiness expert Roland Fumasi has been announced as one of the keynote...... Read More

Dairying and its environmental impact

In addition to the over-application of nutrients from water-soluble and non-bio-friendly fertilisers, it is nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions with high global warming potential and close association with dairying that should be our focus in terms of greenhouse...... Read More

What will be the change kicker?

It was interesting to receive a phone call from a retired economist recently. He rang to say the point made in my last article that farmers were not to blame for the practices resulting in environmental degradation, instead fault lay with the advice...... Read More

How much is enough – and when to stop

It seems we spend our lives tearing around working and earning money with little idea of how much is enough. Enough work? Enough money? During the last boom when farmers were busy buying up the neighbours, my phone rang hot with farmers who were not...... Read More

Farmers have been ’brainwashed’

The Ministry for the Environment and Statistics NZ recently released a damning report showing increasing nitrogen and phosphorus in a percentage of NZ rivers. Surprise surprise. The clean rivers plan, which is sweeping the country, is to drastically...... Read More

Double the amount of rain in five months

The weather has always been reliably unreliable – but at least its overall patterns have until now, been reasonably predictable. Given what we’ve experienced so far this year it appears we now need to prepare for the unexpected all the time. Three...... Read More

Clovers will help clean up Lake Rotorua

Last month I gave a half-hour presentation to the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Plan Change 10 hearing committee relating to Lake Rotorua with support persons Anna Mayne and Rotorua-based vet-consultant Hugh Jellie. Anna has developed her Ag...... Read More

Should I take Co Enzyme Q10?

Co Enzyme Q10 – also known as CoQ10 – is a vitamin-like substance essential for life. While we normally make all the CoQ10 we need, some people – because of age, health problems or medications – can benefit from taking extra good...... Read More

Managing Ostertagia parasite challenges

Ostertagia – or brown stomach worm – is a significant problem for all ruminant livestock grazing New Zealand pastures. Infestations of this parasite are harmful to productivity and can ultimately lead to death. It is noticeable from autumn...... Read More

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