Looking to horticulture's future

Hort Talkwith Mike ChapmanHorticultureNZ CEO The New Year is a good time to look to the future of one of New Zealand’s growth industries. Horticulture, not including wine, is currently valued at $5.6 billion, with export value in the last...... Read More

When change is inevitable

Soil matterswith Peter BurtonFunctional Fertiliser Ltd Climate change – whether or not you believe that it’s our fault – seems to be an oft quoted phrase at present. There are still those who might admit to the warming, but choose...... Read More

Land-grabbers and how the Torrens System enables them

Financewith Don FraserFraser Farm Finance I have been reading a most interesting book, written by Fred Pearce about “The new fight over who owns the Earth”. Pearce explains how there is a race to grab the world’s most precious...... Read More

Feed shortage looming as summer heats up

Outlookwith Bill WebbBill Webb Feed Solutions Most farmers have brought their dairy cows through a difficult winter and spring in good condition and will be striving to maintain lactation through until autumn to keep production up to make up for...... Read More

Vigilance required for flystrike control

Vet's visionwith Phil RennieTauranga Vets Two quite different fly species produce most of the blowfly strike in New Zealand. Originally it was the European Green Blowfly and more recently the Australian Green Blowfly. The European Green Blowfly...... Read More

Rural subdivision focuses on environmental protection

Your land surveyedwith Brent TrailSurveying Services Ltd With an increased focus on protecting the environment for future generations, most councils are providing subdivision benefits to those who agree to permanently reserve areas of significant...... Read More

The role of trustees and what to look for

Financewith Don FraserFraser Farm Finance What are your responsibilities as a trustee and what do you need to consider as one? I have seen trustees appointed to family trusts and they really have no idea what their responsibilities are and what...... Read More

What’s causing the Mycoplasma bovis outbreak?

Beneath the surfacewith David LawForward Farming My recent dealings with clients have indicated an alarming increase in animal health problems which cannot be treated. We have always had that annoying group of cows with somatic cell counts higher...... Read More

What fertiliser and religion have in common

Soil matterswith Peter BurtonFunctional Fertiliser Ltd When our own knowledge is lacking and there are those that profess to be all-knowing, it’s far easier to accept their authoritatively-stated position than spend time and effort nutting...... Read More

Just a little rain please

Outlookwith Bill WebbBill Webb Feed Solutions For months, farmers and most of the general public have justifiably been complaining about wet conditions – but now we’d all like a bit more rain. It doesn’t take long for things to...... Read More

Responding to the consequences of a wet season

Fert Optionswith Robin BoomAgronomic Advisory Services After the wettest year for decades, many farms look yellow from the leaching out of nutrients. The major elements which have been flushed out of the soils are sulphur, potassium and nitrogen....... Read More

Diversity is the answer to food security

Hort Talkwith Mike ChapmanHorticultureNZ CEO Last century, the majority of vegetables were grown close to the cities and towns where they were eaten. This meant that people got fresh seasonal vegetables and, if the produce was not grown close to...... Read More

Leptospirosis vaccination of young calves

Vet's visionwith Phil RennieTauranga Vets Leptospirosis remains a serious threat to the health and livelihood of all people who either work with, or simply come into contact with animals on farm. Leptospirosis is a known human health risk (aka...... Read More

Subdivision strategy set in Waikato

Your land surveyedwith Brent TrailSurveying Services Ltd The Waikato District Council recently held an open day for stakeholders as an introduction to its thinking on the proposed District Plan. It is now quite advanced, with notification due soon,...... Read More

Urea use up but profits and animal health decline

Better soilswith Brett PetersenKiwi Fertiliser & Golden Bay Dolomite I watched the build-up to the election with particular focus on the environment with interest. Various views were expressed, one being by Prime Minister Bill English who said...... Read More

Getting horticulture in front of the new government

Hort Talkwith Mike ChapmanHorticultureNZ CEO New Zealand now has a new government, led by the Labour Party, with New Zealand First and the Green Party. Much has already been said about how unique this is – three parties with strong views...... Read More

Change, big change, coming your way!

Soil matterswith Peter BurtonFunctional Fertiliser Ltd Professor Derrick Moot of Lincoln University made the following point in his recent lectures: nitrogen fertiliser has helped feed the world, however its environmental impact is such that its...... Read More

Family land, family expectations, debt and suicide

Financewith Don FraserFraser Farm Finance This is a big title, big subject, but ... this seems to be a real issue where land has passed from one generation to the next. I have seen grown men crying over their failure to hold family land for a number...... Read More

All Blacks role model for cow nutrition

Beneath the surfacewith David LawForward Farming To complete the skills needed for our consultancy we have encouraged participation from specialists in specific fields. Mark Dixon focuses on feed balancing and making the best of the choices of...... Read More

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