Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Horse patrols a hit with Fieldays crowds

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For the first time in 10 years police on horseback patrolled Fieldays, the national agricultural show held at Mystery Creek in June.

Husband-and-wife duo, Senior Constable Bill Eivers and Constable Karen Eivers, rode mounts Ali and Piper and they proved a real crowd-pleaser while deterring opportunist thieves.


Senior Constable Bill Eivers on patrol at Fieldays


“Being up high we could monitor the far-off car parks more effectively in coordination with security staff on quad-bikes and foot patrols,” says Karen.

She says the public response was different to the one she gets in her usual role with Highway Patrol.

“People aren’t always that pleased to see me – but with the horses the interactions were all positive, which gives you a real boost.”

The horses were supplied by local firm The Gallagher Group, Bill and Karen volunteered their time and Fieldays provided stabling and other facilities.

The officer in charge of policing Fieldays, Sergeant Gordon Grantham of Cambridge, says 18 staff were involved.

“Given the crowds of 35-40,000 a day, the fact we only had one theft ex-car, one burglary and three shoplifting complaints reflects well on the efforts of all those involved.”

He says a police stand at the event attracted a lot of interest, particularly a display of two mobile methamphetamine labs and examples of methamphetamine ingredients commonly found on most farms.

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