Innovative electronic cup removers

Mike Smith (right), and sharemilker Geoff Colson (left) of Riverstone Farms, Oamaru.

Mike Smith of Riverstone Farms milks 1200 cows on 320ha in a 60 bail rotary, which was built in 2014.

“At that time labour was not such an issue, so cup removers weren’t considered then,” says Mike.

“Move on six years and there are increasing challenges with getting good labour. “Cup removers became necessary to attract the quality of sharemilker I wanted, and for improving animal health by reducing over milking, as well as teat spraying immediately after milking.”

Mike says choosing MilkTechNZ cup removers was an easy decision, due to its many features.

“Key features for my sharemilker and myself include the ability to change the milking parameters in real time, within seconds, from our smart phones. This allows us to adapt our milking routine during the cows’ lactation.

“The multi-colour LED button in the bail is a simple way for our staff to identify issues from the different modes through colour.

“Other features like lift-and-start and rapid venting of the ram make the milking process a pleasure.”

Mike says teat spraying was also a big part of the decision when considering the different systems available on the market.

“We chose the MilkTech NZ bail teat sprayer because it allows us to apply the teat spray immediately at the end of the milking process, which interfaces through the CR-1 electronic cup remover.

“In the past, it could take to five to eight minutes before the teat spray was applied. “Now it only takes a few seconds.”


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