Avocado exports bring business to the Bay

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Business could be about to boom for avocado growers in the Bay of Plenty.

AVOCO, New Zealand’s largest avocado export group, is predicting a strong fruit set this spring.

Because of it, it’s urging Bay of Plenty growers to consider the merits of supplying AVOCO during what could be a bumper crop in one year’s time.

AVOCO says it’s receiving reports from growers across the region that avocado trees look very healthy with canopies well set up to provide for a strong flowering and fruit-set in spring and summer.

Fruit successfully set during this period will grow into mature avocados harvested during the 2019-20 season.

AVOCO is expecting to manage a crop of 2.28 million export trays this coming season and have made plans to ship 80 per cent of the volume to Australia, with the rest distributed to health-conscious Asian markets where AVOCO trades under its AVANZA brand.

Having spent many years developing strong relationships with major retailers in Australia and distributors across Asia, AVOCO is well placed to handle a significant step up in crop volume in one year’s time, says director Alistair Young.

“Another record volume year is only ever one good fruit set away. That’s been a major driver for us in developing new and emerging markets in Asia.

“Should the opportunity arise to handle another bumper crop, our AVANZA markets can comfortably handle projected crop increases. This allows us to protect what are often very favourable market conditions in Australia which remains New Zealand’s highest paying market.”

AVOCO is encouraging growers not yet committed to an exporter to think carefully about who they supply and who has the capability to secure strong returns in a big crop year.

Alistair says the latest industry export data for the 2018-19 season reveals AVOCO to again be the industry leader in Asian market development.

Extra market options should give growers confidence that in a big crop year especially, their export fruit will connect with consumers globally and avoid flooding any one market, such as Australia.

Marketing and communications manager Steve Trickett says AVOCO is concerned how well placed some other exporters will be in managing a bumper crop.

“We assert that every tray put into the hands of AVOCO in these seasons where demand continues to exceed supply, helps to strengthen the foundation needed to sustainably handle and successfully sell increased crop volumes in a measured and disciplined way. This is not something to address when suddenly faced with the challenge of finding a new home for fruit.

“We are encouraging our AVOCO suppliers to talk to fellow growers who may still be undecided about their exporter choice, to explain the benefits of supplying AVOCO, not just with the great OGR’s but also about the importance of ‘collective responsibility’ in future proofing the industry and supporting AVANZA’s endeavours in new market development.

“As has been proven, the best time for a grower to join the AVOCO family was five seasons ago. The second best time is right now.”


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