Emptying tanks improve water safety

Aquavac Water Tank Cleaning owner/operator Roger Craig says his company promotes safe drinking water.

“I don’t understand why people take the risk in having a dirty and often contaminated water tank. They wouldn’t bathe or do their dishes in a sink with contaminated sludge in the bottom of it but many will risk drinking the water. They are often surprised at what is found at the bottom of the emptied water tank.”

The sludge at the bottom can be up to five to six inches deep. It is made up of dust, dirt, leaf litter, bird and rodent droppings and even dead rodents or birds.

“All these affect the quality of your water along with orchard sprays, ash and pollen which is a big issue as it sticks to the side of the tank and turns into a horrible slime from the water levels rising and falling in the tank.”

Roger has noticed an increase in the testing of drinking water and results often indicate there is e-coli present in the tank which means the water is very dangerous for your health and the tank needs to be emptied and cleaned.

Water filters can also become clogged and ineffectual in a tank which contains sludge.

“We empty the tank and suck the sludge and any debris out, then waterblast the inside and vacuum until the tank is completely clean and looks like new.”

If people haven’t had their tanks cleaned in the last two years it needs to be done for the safety and well-being of the people drinking the water.

Roger holds his ‘confined spaces’ ticket which is also a government requirement when entering a water tank.


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