Video documents company’s influence

A new video on the Avoco website is helping to tell the story of Avoco’s amazing export success. Filmed by acclaimed New Zealand documentary maker Peter Young, the video illustrates the journey avocados take after they’re picked by an Avoco grower, right through to the plates of Australian and Asian consumers.

Over a period of six months, Peter visited orchards and packhouses in the Bay of Plenty and Northland to interview Avoco growers and hear from packhouse representatives their views on how the industry has improved and the role that Avoco has played in its dramatic transformation.

Filming also took place in Australia at supermarkets and dedicated ripening and distribution centres, as well as in Japan where Avoco sells fruit to consumers under the Avanza brand.

Avoco director John Carroll says the video has been warmly received by growers and packhouse staff, all of whom play an incredibly important role in an industry that’s going from strength to strength.

Avoco grower Chris Bailey features in a new video illustrating how the avocado industry has evolved under the commercial leadership of Avoco.

Collaborative approach

“Our industry has evolved through Avoco’s collaborative approach to doing business and our success over the past four seasons has been achieved through the efforts of everyone working together for a common goal.

“That unity is Avoco’s strength. Now, we’d love even more growers to join us through our network of five packhouses, including our three in the Bay of Plenty – Apata, Trevelyan’s and KauriPak.”

The 2016-17 season was a record-breaker for the industry and Avoco. Of the 4.8 million trays exported in total, Avoco handled close to 2.9 million trays. A little more than 80 per cent of Avoco’s crop went to Australia, with close to two-thirds (63 per cent) of all shipments supplied directly to Australian retail.

Avoco also honoured its long-term commitments in Asia where customers across Japan and South-East Asia continue to discover the premium quality of NZ avocados and the fruit’s versatility and health benefits.

Leading retailers

While Avoco would always be committed to market development, John says the “honey pot” of Australia played a part in last season’s solid orchard gate returns that were paid out to growers in April.

“Demand for avocados continues to be strong across the Tasman but it helps to be connected to Australia’s two leading retailers – this is a major advantage for our growers and a contributor to the returns we generate.

“Retailers there have confidence in Avoco to expertly manage the supply chain from the moment our premium avocados are picked to the time they arrive at retail distribution centres.

“Adding to this, we have incredibly good relationships with our off-shore handlers and ripeners who really work hard for us and our growers to ensure their fruit arrives at retail in top condition.”

With the industry forecasting a much lower national crop volume in 2017-18, growers are being encouraged to think carefully about who they supply next season.

Welcomes new growers

Avoco director Alistair Young says Avoco welcomes new growers and the opportunity to demonstrate how supplying NZ’s leading export group can add value to their orchard businesses.

“Start by viewing the video on our Avoco website, then have a conversation with one of our packhouse reps who can talk you through our returns and the kind of technical support that we provide growers to improve your orchard health and productivity.”

The video can be viewed on the Avoco website


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