Growing support for avocado orchardists

Toni Morrison, Tony Bradley and Brien James of Aongatete Avocados Ltd enjoy helping growers achieve good commercial outcomes from their orchards.

Avocado-growing may seem challenging for absolute newcomers, but with the right help and guidance new growers can achieve good outcomes in short timeframes without missing a trick.

Providing that support is what Aongatete Avocados Ltd specialises in – and AAL’s grower services representative Toni Morrison says it’s one of the most satisfying parts of her job.

“Our team focuses on providing good, solid, growing support and advice as and when required to avocado orchardists, especially those who are new to the industry.

“We believe in our industry and are excited about what its future holds. We also believe that better growing practices will lead to better commercial outcomes for all concerned,” says Toni.

Working alongside growers, providing the required information which is readily understood, and seeing clients grow in confidence is what the AAL team of Toni, Brien James and Tony Bradley especially enjoy.

“Our leased and managed systems provide a flexible mix of growing solutions for our customers. This allows them to pick and choose the orchard tasks they want to do and leave the rest up to us and our experienced team,” says Toni.

Optimum energy

“Our growing strategy is to consider the environmental conditions and the physiology of the avocado tree. Consistency in providing the regular inputs and tasks in time with seasonal needs is important; so ensuring they receive the required nutrition, stay in balance, store the optimum energy and therefore continue to be productive trees. 

“We also work with a large number of clients with their main need being our contract harvesting services. We maintain a fleet of orchard machinery including 16 Hydraladas. Our harvesting team is well trained and competitive in their field.

Food safety

“We pride ourselves on being highly compliant to the industry standards for food safety and health and safety. Our contractual agreements ensure all who partner with us are covered for their grower responsibilities under the NZGAP certification process as well.”

AAL aims to ensure all its clients feel secure in the knowledge they have a good relationship with, and confidence in, AAL as their service provider.

“We want our clients to be comfortable that they are able to change their level of contribution to orchard management at any time depending on their plans. For example, an overseas trip, or in the event off ill-health or changed life circumstances.”


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