Senior wellness for cats and dogs

Vet's Vision
with Phil Rennie
Tauranga Vets

As your pet’s owner you are in the best position to look out for warning signs of age-related diseases.

While some age-related changes are to be expected, others can indicate a more serious underlying problem, so it’s important to get your older pet into a clinic for regular check-ups.

We consider an annual check-up for older cats or dogs essential. This is because many conditions, if detected and treated early can lead to much more successful management and see our pets living longer, more comfortable lives.

A yearly, clinical exam can detect problems such as heart disease, dental disease, thyroid problems, arthritis, cataracts, and cancer to name just a few. Studies have found that up to 80 per cent of senior pets had at least one unrecognised medical condition.

A senior check-up could also include blood tests which will enable screening for early detection of a range of diseases, giving a baseline that can be used for future monitoring.

Blood tests are quick, pain free and allow for valuable information about what’s going on inside before outward signs become noticeable.

Senior check-ups and blood tests give your pet the best chance to have disease diagnosed early and for a treatment plan to be implemented.

At Tauranga Veterinary Services we can see you and your beloved pet seven days a week at our Tauranga Clinic and six days a week at Te Puna, Papamoa and Katikati. 

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