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with Tony Bradley
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 Well Christmas and New Year parties are done and dusted and hopefully as you read this you are sitting back relaxing as the New Year starts winding itself forward.

On reflection, at times like this, when we have our feet up and are taking a more relaxed time, our busy lives seem hectic. We look forward to these more relaxed times and it’s up to ourselves to enjoy the time and make the most of it.

However, as with nature, it keeps going 24 hours a day. It seems endless but it’s all part of our living process. It is this continuous process of nature that makes our world liveable. So saying that, it’s also part of our lives as growers and land owners to help keep the processes of nature working at their optimum. During these times, we need to take time for ourselves and our families to enjoy the moment to make sure we recognise the great lifestyle we have on our orchards and to selfishly measure that we are getting the best from it.

This time of the year is a great time to spend it on yourself. I try to take a break from the orchard now - a break yeah right - while we are between picks, between irrigating, between growing next season’s crops. Between family and friend’s social events. It is a challenge but staying out of the orchard also ensures we take the time to recharge our batteries.

  1. have just spent the last quarter or six months targeting our avocado orchards to make the best of the growing season. We have applied considerable energy to growing our trees and fruit. Now is a good time to have a rest.

Temperatures get hotter during the next two months and we see growth rates slowing down as daily temperatures peak. Nutrient programmes for the next wee while are about keeping the trees in balance and our fruit growing.

It’s also a god time to review our cash flow forecasts. It’s a tough one this year so we have bought our fert’ programmes back to a sustainable level, we will prune and inject as a priority. We have set a very good crop and our pruning programme will lighten the load.

I’m making this a short note as I’m keen to get back to the lounger, my new book and some more R&R time. I’m also going to think about the programme for the next half year and get setup early so I can get through the jobs in a timely way. This is all about how much time I get to spend on the deck chair in the shade with my family and friends.

Happy New Year.


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