Optimise growth with balanced nutrients

Tony’s Take on avos
with Tony Bradley
Aongatete Avocados Ltd

 It’s warm, muggy and great growing conditions.

In fact, I’d suggest we are seeing such good growth you can almost hear them growing!

On that note it’s timely to check on the type of growth. I’m seeing a lot of flowering and in fact overflowing.

We’ve had a great run of warm nights during November and fruit set should be heavy.

Nutrition demands are at their peak and so too is photosynthetic activity and water demand.

My soil moisture sensors have started dropping at both levels and at this rate I expect to be altering late November.

We are reviewing our nutrients programme and nutrient budgets.

This period of December is a very important growth time. Having good, balanced nutrient availability helps optimise growth and of course leaf growth.

This weather has been very hospitable for bugs.

While sustainability is a big, long-term goal, keeping bug levels low helps you use less chemical and less carbon credits. On the other hand, sustaining friendly and supportive bugs should be encouraged.

Using selective, targeted and modern chemicals - correctly applied using a calibrated sprayer - adds up to the best equation.

So it’s December. It’s a time to look for the red tips hardening off, a time to prepare for Christmas relaxation and of course the New Year.

At Aongatete Avocados we are anticipating a big fruit set and high demand for injecting and pruning.

Part of my message is to plan for a relaxing Christmas and importantly book your injecting and pruning crews. Labour availability is a hot topic.

Happy Christmas break team.


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