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with Don Fraser
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 After I chose this topic, I noticed many people insinuating they were telling the truth, or stood by what they perceived as the truth, but not so.

Donald Trump is starting his own social media platform site called Truth Social.  Can you believe it?

Mr Google talks about a state of being true as “the facts of the matter”.

When I was a little tacker I remember being impressed by some of my mates who told porkies all the time.  I tried it at home but got it severely beaten out of me.  I guess I wasn’t very good at it.

When I went on to be a valuer, truth was at the next level - truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

But there always seems to be a cross-over, of conflict over telling the truth.

Earlier farm discussion groups were also a place where production was overstated by a few. You were struggling to match their figures only to find out later they were exaggerating. I used to feel half depressed after a discussion group and ceased going.  I wanted to start my own farming for fun, profit and the truth. 

I travelled to the South Island to claim my fees after I had helped a farmer out of an incredible hole and saved his business, but he refused to pay my costs.  So, off to the small claims court to witness him telling bare faced lies.  I was dumbfounded and speechless, so much so that I couldn’t even yell out ‘you are lying’ – and he got away with it.  No fees for Fraser ☹ I felt gutted that I had allowed this client to beat me with a bunch of lies.

What about lawyers acting for murderers who are clearly guilty, getting to say they are not guilty and trying to get them off the hook.

We men are also very bad a facing our own reality, particularly when the chips are down.  The sky could be falling on our head, and someone asks us how we are, as they do, and I would say I was fine, yet inside I was in such a turmoil I was barely functioning.  I think I was about 60 before I could be really honest about how I felt.  Crazy stuff eh!

Working in finance throughout the country, a common thread with farmers who had failed was dishonesty.  When they bought, they would overstate the production of the farm and their livestock.  Banks would lend against the inflated production and then when they never fired for many reasons, it was basically because they had overstated their ability.

Don’t get me started on non-disclosure of unpaid debts, hire purchases and money sliding out of the business.  If I identified that someone was telling me lies, I would close my folder, thank them and walk off.  Lies equal liability.

What of politicians?  It just seems that they are professional liars, stretching the truth, slipping, and sliding under pressure.  They make promises that can never be achieved either.  They are setting a terrible example to everyone.

Sadly, some of our immigrants have since gone into business and their culture is that it is acceptable to be dishonest.  Not all, but many play very dirty tricks to avoid paying their taxes, they even under pay their own people.  Some of those businesspeople lie and cheat their way along.  It is very sad really and again they set a bad example to our largely honest and innocent nation.

So, in summary, I think we need to think about the dishonesty that is creeping, too quickly, into our society.

We men, particularly, need to try and get in touch with our feelings and be more honest about what is going on inside our bean cans.  We need to be more aware that some people are avoiding the truth for their own advantage. In many cases they are not just avoiding the truth, they are telling blatant likes and they know it.

Life is way easier if you face it up and tell the truth.  You can sleep easier and you don’t need a big memory to cover the last lie.

Disclaimer – these are the opinions of Don Fraser (an old fart).  Any decisions made should not be based on this article alone and appropriate professional assistance should be sought.

Don Fraser is the retired Principal of Fraser Farm Finance and was a consultant to the farming industry for many decades.  You can still contact him on 021 777 675


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