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Tony’s Take on avos
with Tony Bradley
Aongatete Avocados Ltd


We are almost there. It’s getting closer and closer by the day ‘til the Christmas season arrives and all the joyful celebrations of reflecting on the year gone and the New Year ahead. The time to welcome in 2021.
This is a short note to wish you all a happy Christmas and to remind all of us to take the time to relax, to enjoy the company of family friends and others. And importantly to put your feet up from the orchard work. There is not of work to be done right at this time. It’s hot, sunny and hopefully not dry.

The trees and the fruit are growing. If you haven’t already, check your crop loading and plan to prune fruit off early. This will help the remaining crop loading grow to a better size.

Fertiliser and nutrients should programmes should be on track as most of this work will have been done in previous months.

Take the time to reflect on what you did well and note where you could do a bit better and put it in your next year’s plan. There is always planning to be done but at this time of the year it’s all pretty relaxed. Also while reflecting on the season and year gone, enjoy the good moments on the orchard.

Take the time to put your feet up under the avocado tree. Enjoy the early afternoon in the coolness of the orchard.  

Do just enough to keep it all ticking over and get ready for the autumn. It’s important to recharge those batteries for the next year ahead and have a happy festive season.



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