Accuracy critical to using regenerative system of soil fertility

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with David Law
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With the growing excitement, passion and enthusiasm toward regenerative farming, there are opportunities to connect with those representing what we believe to be the best science in the world, to take farmers from a chemical to a biological farming system.

But what is critical to the accuracy of this science is where the accompanying soil audits are performed.

The soil audits undertaken by Perry Agricultural Lab (PAL) in Missouri, US, are high-tech, accurate, and comprehensive. They are also inextricably linked with the Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program, the principles on which the Total Replacement Therapy method is based.

The Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program is a complex set of scientific formulas that have now been taught to a range of people in 72 countries around the world.


Dr William Albrecht, as the pioneer of this system and long-time professor and chair of the Department of Soils at the University of Missouri, was considered the foremost authority on the relation of soil fertility to human health with research spanning many decades.

His method was founded on finding a distinct balance between all minerals in the soil, which creates correct soil structure and provides the basis in which the soil biology can flourish, building organic matter and resilience for long-term sustainability.

His system has been further refined by one of his last students, soil fertility specialist and author Neal Kinsey, who runs introductory, intermediate and advanced soil fertility management courses worldwide. Neal is one of the few remaining people to use Dr Albrecht’s unique calculation and analysis methods.

Our visits to farmers who are serious about making a change to their farming system has confirmed that they want to do it right the first time.

But alarmingly, some have commented that they’ve “already had the Albrecht/Kinsey guys here”.

These people have turned out to be ‘consultants’ who may have read Neal Kinsey’s books and taken it upon themselves to become self-professed ‘experts’ in the Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program. Or those who proclaim to be using the Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program but are not sending the soil samples to Perry Agricultural Lab to be analysed.


The Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program and Perry Agricultural Lab are intertwined; they are required to be used in conjunction with each other to truly practise this highly accurate and effective system of soil fertility.

If these consultants are not trained by Neal Kinsey, or do not get their soil audits performed at Perry Agricultural Lab, they are making a total mockery of the accuracy of science, and I take personal offence to anybody who says they are doing that job, without actually doing that job.

These people are using the Albrecht/Kinsey name because of the excellent reputation attached to it but are failing to use the whole system as it was intended.

The Total Replacement Therapy team is made up of Kinsey Academy graduates alongside experts in agronomy and animal nutrition. In fact, leaders of the team have just attended a consultants’ conference in Hawaii led by the Perry Agricultural Lab, Neal Kinsey and other world-leading consultants.

Don’t be fooled by those who falsely proclaim to be using the Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program; if you want the job done right the first time, make sure your consultant can show you evidence of their training in the Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program, and that their soil audits are performed by Perry Agricultural Lab.

If anybody is interested in learning the true Albrecht/Kinsey Soils Program, Neal Kinsey will be running a course in New Zealand at the end of June; details are to come.

Everyone is welcome to be part of it.


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