New regional leaders for network

The East Waikato Dairy Women’s Network group welcomes two new regional leaders to the team and both are farming in Walton. Astra-Lee Burrows farms with her partner on a 380-cow farm and Jodie Goudswaard sharemilks 530 cows with her partner. They...... Read More

Demand for avocados in Asia remains firm

Interest in New Zealand avocados remains high in Asia despite the setback of a small national export crop. Avoco, which exports to Asia under the Avanza brand, is expected to ship about 292,000 trays outside Australia in 2017-18 – about half of...... Read More

Free as a Bird - and saving thousands

Free as a Bird is a non-profit organisation which has rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed more than 15,000 battery farm chickens in its two and a half years of operation. Factory farming is a system that has been widely shunned by those who claim its...... Read More

Beef reared by ‘grandad’ Cliff

Cliff Bayliss had been farming, “man and boy”, for around 30 years when he started to question the methods he was using. “I began to realise using chemical fertilisers wasn’t right for the soil or the animals,” says Cliff,...... Read More

Greens the natural snack choice for trio

When Juno, 6, Gryphon, 4, and Fox, 2 hunger for a snack it’s more likely to be a tasty kale leaf, sunflower sprout or a sprig of coriander than chips or sweets. Because the children of market gardeners Brad Harding and Rachel Yeats are growing...... Read More

Maize silage and grain prices up

Nearly six months of continuous wet weather and surface flooding will have a major impact on some Bay of Plenty and Waikato farms and spring crop establishment will be a long slow process, says Allister Holmes, research and extension team leader with...... Read More

Flooded farmers still need support

Bay of Plenty farmers have made plenty of headway in getting farms back on track since the severe flooding of Cyclone Cook and Cyclone Debbie in April, but there are still farmers in need of help both professionally and emotionally, says Bay of Plenty...... Read More

Gases in agriculture

I get the feeling that our overseas markets are beginning to wake up to the fact that we might just not be as 100 per cent pure as we make out, and that our supposed efforts to reduce our emissions have been in the form of cash paid for some pretty suspect...... Read More

Rescued kids easy to re-home

Mana Rescue was inundated with people wanting to re-home a baby goat after a story appeared on the SunLive website recently. Mana Rescue owner Fiona Montgomerie says they not only found homes for all 46 baby goats but she now has a waiting list of people...... Read More

Pollination machine 'insurance policy'

An artificial pollination machine designed and built in Whakatane is proving its worth on a T&G owned kiwifruit orchard in Northland. The PollenSmart machine, designed and engineered by agricultural engineering firm The Wrangler, works by blowing pollen...... Read More

How can busy lifestyles manage chooks?

Do you have a lifestyle block or a good sized section and have always wanted to keep chooks but feel that it would be too much work to look after them and a hassle when you go away? Grandpas product range can help. There is the tried and proven Grandpas...... Read More

Any colour hen – so long as it’s brown

Keeping a few hens in the backyard has become popular. They make great pets and the eggs they produce are an added bonus. Nic and Maria Stolwyk of Eureka Poultry Farm raise hens from day-old chicks, selling them as pullets (around 10 to 18 weeks old)...... Read More

Give hens a health check in spring

Spring is in the air and it is the perfect time for poultry keepers to prepare their flocks for the upcoming laying season saysWendy Majoor of Chook Manor, Pukekohe. “Now is a good time to make sure your birds have come through the winter in good...... Read More

National environmental standard welcomed

  The introduction of a National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry is vitally needed for better environmental outcomes, according to Forest Owners. The government has released the NES to bring in a standard set of environment regulations...... Read More

A patch of dirt to start a haven

They’ve got the animals, the people, willing sponsors, the will and the way. The only thing they’re missing is the land. High Hopes Haven Rehabilitation and Educational Centre is a not-for-profit organisation where abused and abandoned animals...... Read More

Chlorine use in dairies raising concerns

Many dairy farmers testing their water are finding they are not meeting the standards of water quality necessary for compliance for milk collection, says David Law of Forward Farming. “In a quest to improve hygiene, not only in water, but also...... Read More

Calf-rearing - hard but rewarding work

With the beef schedule sitting at near record highs and good prospects ahead for that continuing amid tight global beef supplies, rearing calves for the store market may be an option for small block holders over late winter-early spring. But as appealing...... Read More

Funding the future of the fluxmeter

The projectknown as ‘Protecting our Groundwater – Measuring and Managing Diffuse Nutrient Losses from Cropping Systems’has been recognised by the Ministry for the Environment for funding through the Freshwater Improvement Fund. The...... Read More

Better information for maize growers

The Maize Hybrid Performance Trial programme is now able to provide more valuable information on hybrid performance with the publication of the third edition of its results booklet. This 2016/2017 edition is the first to include results from multiple...... Read More

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