Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Quantum tractor modified to meet needs

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The new Case IH Quantum 95N tractor has been especially modified by the team at Giltrap AgriZone in Rotorua to meet the specific needs of kiwifruit orchardists.

“We’ve listened to what orchardists wanted and have fitted the tractors with steel guards and installed a pan underneath to protect the running gear from damage,” says Giltrap AgriZone salesman of Rotorua, Graeme Wilson.

The ‘underbelly’ protection is required because the tractor has been lowered to enable ease of operation under pergola structures, even when they are heavy with fruit.

“The model now available is the Case Quantum 95N, with the Case Quantum 75N coming in August.”

The minimum overall width of the Quantum N tractors is 1228mm. The ‘N’ models – or narrow models – reflect the smooth lines of the new Quantum series, designed to help minimise the risk of either trees or bodywork becoming damaged during work and enable the wheels to tuck in closely to the chassis for improved turning and manoeuvrability.

Graeme says the tractors are capable of carrying out all the tasks on an orchard from mulching and mowing to spraying, spreading fertiliser and towing bin trailers. “The tractors have a PTO and three-point linkage, they are four-wheel drive and with more than enough horsepower to operate in the orchard whatever the terrain. Their fuel consumption is very economical and the tractors are competitively priced.”

The Case IH Quantum 95N tractor will be on the Case IH stand at Fieldays, where growers can check out its features for themselves.

Case IH has a proud history of making rugged, long-lasting tractors and celebrate 175 years in 2017. Case IH dealership Giltrap AgriZone is proud to represent Case IH across the central North Island and sell a range of tractors from 20hp-600hp.

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