Saturday, August 19, 2017
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Farmer hits his own cattle

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A Rotorua farm manager has been convicted and fined $3,500 after admitting he used a four-wheel drive to hit dairy cows. 

Te Kauwhata farm manager Kerry James Murphy, 29, drove his 4x4 vehicle down a farm race to return a herd of dairy cows that had broken out, back to their original paddock on April 19, 2015.

Once the cows started moving, Murphy drove in behind them, hitting them with the bull bars of his 4x4 vehicle.

Ministry for primary industries spokesman Gary Orr says the cows at the back of the herd were running as fast as they could, however, Kerry continued to drive into them with his 4x4 vehicle.

“Hitting a cow with a vehicle is never reasonable nor necessary and can lead to cows receiving injuries causing significant pain and distress including hip dislocation and fractured limbs and could even result in death if the animal was severely injured.

As well as the $3,500 fine, Kerry was ordered to pay court costs of $130 and witness expenses of $100 when he appeared in the Huntly District Court yesterday.

“Our investigation into this incident was comprehensive and thorough and resulted in Murphy being convicted and fined under the Animal Welfare Act.

“The outcome of this case sends a very clear message to anyone who causes animals’ unreasonable and unnecessary pain and distress.  Quite simply, this sort of cruelty will not be tolerated.”

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Posted on 01-08-2017 11:50 | By Papamoaner

It’s in the eyes eh. That old expression "she has cow’s eyes" is very true. On the other hand, there’s nothing more dangerous than a well-horned feral cow with calf.
He should be banned from farming!

Posted on 29-07-2017 07:02 | By Ben Dover

What a cowardly cruel piece of work this vile excuse for a human being is!

Posted on 28-07-2017 22:42 | By Tgaboy

Hope he never gets to be around any other animal again.

Posted on 28-07-2017 19:03 | By overit

Dairy cows are the sweetest. Patient, gentle.
Sad story - where did we go wrong?

Posted on 28-07-2017 17:51 | By Papamoaner

Most farmers are pretty good with animals, but the odd few don’t empathise at all - evidenced by their cold draughty dog boxes. A working dog should be fed and housed properly with a dry kennel that isn’t draughty. As to uncaring cruelty to cows, that was a pretty damn good fine. My grandad’s cows were all prize winners that he loved, and he had names for all of them.
Justice is served!

Posted on 28-07-2017 12:25 | By BMANN

Im pleased people have come forward to report this and shows that animal abuse and mistreatment is not ok. I hope if people in rural communities see such behaviour they continue to report it. Shame on you James - justice has been served you sicko
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