Saturday, August 19, 2017
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For the love of goats

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A Bay of Plenty rescue centre has gone kid crazy with 29 goats finding permanent homes in three days.

Mana Rescue owner Fiona Montgomerie advertised on Facebook that 46 baby goats needed homes over the weekend, and by Monday 29 kids were given away to good homes.

The kids come from a farm in Palmerston North and without someone to rescue them, they would have been killed.

She says goats have on average two or three goats a season, so when a farm has 400 does, they could easily have 800 to 900 babies.

“The last farm lady I was talking to said she was only keeping 100 as replacement milking girls, so all the rest, if they’re not homed, they get disposed of.”

Mana Rescue has been running for six and a half years and finds homes for all kinds of animals from household pets to rural animals, but baby goats have been the most successful by far.

“I’ve had one lady come back twice from Reporoa, she got one for herself, and got several others for people as well. So it’s really nice that people are getting behind it.”

She says not everyone can look after a kid, but they can be really great animals to have on a farm or rural property.

 “People need to understand that you can’t have goats in the city limits. Most councils say you’re not allowed to, so they have to be rural homes.”

Fiona advises people to do homework on what plants they have in their home, because contrary to the belief that goats can just eat everything, they can’t eat things like avocado leaves, they’ll drop dead.”

She gets lots of photos back from the rescuers of the goats and the houses that they’ve build for them.

“We are doing the best we can to get them into the best homes they can get. They deserve a chance.

“I think because of the good response and the fact that we’ve been able to save so many, I think I’d like to carry it on.”

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