Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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GRAPHIC:Suspect sheep mauling dog caught

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A man looking after a property where four sheep were mauled to death in Bellevue earlier this week has caught a dog roaming on the section.

Property owner Ryan Powell contact SunLive on Tuesday after all his sheep at his Aquavue Way property had been attacked by a dog.

Ryan is currently overseas, and the property is being looked after by another person who caught the dog on the property.

“I have just caught a dog at the end of the property and I’ve called animal control they are going to come and pick it up,” says the man who doesn’t want his name used.

The council has provided a dog trap on loan. Photo: Supplied.

Apart from the location, there is nothing to connect the dog to the killings.

“I’ve been talking to a couple of young fellas who says they have seen in wandering before,” says the custodian.

“The dog is registered. It has actually got a name tag and a contact phone number on it. It is not an old dog, lucky if it’s two years old I would say.”

One of the mauled sheep.

Comments on SunLive

Funny that

Posted on 01-06-2017 18:46 | By Tgaboy

We treat a dog that has done what it is most naturally geared for so harshly. Yet humans who kill another human get the opportunity to be rehabilitated. I would prefer it if it was the other way around.

Posted on 01-06-2017 15:43 | By Jimi

He’s my dog please read update he was proven innocent and realeased without charge and please note the custodian has admitted he didn’t catch the dog on the property as previously stated.We have a fully fenced section and he’s kept inside at night unfortunately on this occasion my 4 yr old left the gate open however sol was still on private property.
WRONG DOG & (@ By about that)

Posted on 01-06-2017 15:29 | By Laurie

most likely now that we have the owners side of the story - wasn’t caught in trap & wasn’t near the property where the mauling took place - seems like the custodian of the Powell property has gone off half cocked.@ By about that"This breed of mongrel, often attracts the wrong sort of person to own them. I agree these breeds should be banned." Really - so what breed are we actually going to ban - a mongrel by definition is a mixed breed!!

Posted on 01-06-2017 13:35 | By About that

Not all dogs of this type of breed are bad, BUT, This breed of mongrel, often attracts the wrong sort of person to own them. There is a reason for everything, hence, these types of dogs are badged "dangerous breeds". Where is used to live, I had one of similar breed attack one of my sheep. I had warned the owner on a number of occasions previous to keep their dog restrained and failed to do so. Hence, when it attacked my sheep, it s life ended very abruptly with a piece of hot lead. This one, if proven to be the culpret, should suffer the same outcome, shoot it and fine the owner heavily. There are too many incidents where these types of breeds have attacked someone or another animal. I agree these breeds should be banned.
Something we can agree on!

Posted on 01-06-2017 13:35 | By maildrop

Cats owners who turn a bling eye to their pet crapping all over their neighbours garden are just as bad as dog owners who do not keep their dog under control. I’m not sure why it became socially unacceptable to let dogs crap everywhere but cats are just left to it. And they kill birds. Damn pests that should be eradicated.
Take the quick fix.

Posted on 01-06-2017 13:14 | By drob

Amazed the dog was given to animal control. Most farmers would have just disposed of him. What next, do we appoint a lawyer for the dog. When it comes to dogs among stock its guilty unless proven innocent.
Irresponsible owners again

Posted on 01-06-2017 12:38 | By comfortablynumb

Don’t blame the dog blame the owners.I agree with Linaire and Papamoaner wholeheartedly.
hang on a minute

Posted on 01-06-2017 12:19 | By old trucker

LEAVE the TRAP out for a week and if they (TCC) catch another one, get rid of them straight away, DONT WASTE time looking for owners, this can be done and SAVE TIME and wasting OUR money, i see lots of DOGS roaming when out riding Nightmare,Well done for getting one, THERE will be more,me TINKS so,Sunlive this is interesting story and everyone is having a say,the picture is GRAPHIC and the CULPRIT CULPRITS NEED TO BE DISPOSED OF immediatly,Thankyou and 10-4.
The difference is;-

Posted on 01-06-2017 12:17 | By Papamoaner

For dogs, killing sheep is a capital offence, and has to be. Roaming is an offence too, but doesn’t justify being put down. I agree with you all regarding roaming animals. I would love to be able to shoot cats that enter my property, crap in my vege garden and terrorise my chooks by eye balling them, but that is illegal. Cats are evil critters - nothing dies quickly. It’s always death by deliberate torture,

Posted on 01-06-2017 11:56 | By Jimi

This is our family dog, he did not kill the sheep he lives inside and comes to work everyday so he’s not left alone to roam. Also he wasn’t caught on the property he was taken from the end of our driveway. Befor calling the council the wannabe dog catcher rang us to say he had sol and was taking him Hm for the pound to collect. My dog is innocent print the truth not lies
Roaming dog

Posted on 01-06-2017 11:48 | By Linaire

While I agree with Papamoaner, this dog is still a ’roaming’ dog. Dog owners need to wake up and be more responsible, and keep their dogs in an ’enclosed’ section, rather than just letting them roam willy-nilly day and night, which I have seen far too often in Tauranga. If you can’t be bothered looking after a dog properly .. just don’t get one!!

Posted on 01-06-2017 10:51 | By maildrop

Ask the cops if they think he’s guilty. They have a fine record of getting the right culprit.
Pleased to see

Posted on 01-06-2017 10:50 | By nerak

a cage trap deployed. Keep it in place for at least a week, it is highly likely there are other dogs which visit the property. @Papamoaner, re innocent/guilty, fact is the dog was roaming... at the very least there should be a hefty fine. If the dog is released back to owner, will be interesting to see if it is trapped again.
Really Papamoaner

Posted on 01-06-2017 10:47 | By Colleen Spiro

DOGS, that means NO DOGS, should be roaming free, EVER.
Be careful

Posted on 01-06-2017 10:02 | By Papamoaner

I hope the principle of innocent until proved guilty applies before destroying this nice looking dog.The culprit(s) could just as easily be different dogs. That said, being caught in a trap on the same property is not a good look for him.
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